Introduction to Music


What is Music?

Music is a collection of coordinated sound or sounds. It is an art form, created by organizing of pitch, rhythm, and sounds made using musical instruments and sometimes singing.

Music as a term does not have a single definition as it is defined by so many author over time. This is enough to make music a wide topic of study as we take you through some important things that you need to know.

We can as well say music is a sound that seems pleasant to the ear and of course that’s not wrong. When it does not make any sense, it becomes a noise and noise is not a music just like a singer once said “ariwo kò no music”. Sounds scary? Lol! Not an English word though

Music as defined by different Author

Just as you can literally say one or two things about music, the same way different author from around the world have different concepts of music and how they understand it. We will look briefly at the definition of music by some author;

John Coltrane

He defined music as the spiritual expression of what he is, his faith, knowledge, being.

He added, ‘when you begin to see the possibilities of music, your desire to do something really good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hang-ups. I want to speak to their souls’

Billie Holiday

He said one cannot copy anybody and end with anything lol. ‘If you copy, it means you’re working without any real feeling. No two people on earth are alike, and it’s got to be that way in music, or it isn’t music.’

Wow…. Sounds wonderful

Elton John

Elton now said music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves for a few hours.

I guess this is better explained in the next post on this page where we’ve analyzed some important terms about music lyrics.

Victor Hugo

“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.”

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

He described music as “the universal language of mankind.”

So now, we have been able to see through different author and how they understand music to be in their own terms.

What do you think music is in your own word? Is it Melody? That’s my own answer lol.

Use the comment section for your own answer.

Types of Music

If we should consider the types the f music then we know for sure that we won’t finish talking about that today lol. That’s the frank truth because music is very wide coming from the division by country and then the genre specialty for each country. Well, let’s see the few general music genre in the world.

Types of Music and Music Genres

1. Country

2. Electronic dance music (EDM)

3. Hip-hop

4. Indie rock

5. Jazz

6. K-pop

7. Metal

8. Oldies

9. Pop

10. Rap

11. Rhythm & blues (R&B)

12. Rock

These are the few world genre though we might have left out some probably out of memories or something.

Then we have some music Categories like the;

1. African Music

2. Asian Music

3. Caribbean Music

4. European Music

5. Latin and South American Music

And lot’s more

Characteristics of Music

Good music should portray the following characteristics if not all but most of the below categories;

Characteristics of Music

Sound (overtone, timbre, pitch, amplitude, duration)

Of course, the sound is very important as it must produce a pleasant sound to differentiate music from noise. The difference between both statements is just very slight which is the regularity.


As used here, it is the sequence of notes that makes up a musical phrase. It is the most outstanding aspect of music that gives to the ear and might possibly make the listening hum.


Two or more notes are played simultaneously to produce a chord. It is majorly the relationship between two distinct musical pitches (musical pitches being frequencies of vibration which produce audible sound) played simultaneously.


It is the variation of strong and weak elements (such as duration, accent) of sounds, notably in speech or music, over time; a beat or meter.

Rhythms are established by a regular pulse in the music, also called the beat. These pulses, or beats, can occur at any speed, as long as they are equal in duration.


This is otherwise referred to as timbre. It is the quality of a sound independent of its pitch and volume.


This is the organization of all the individual sections of a piece of music. They are noted with letters.

Purpose of Music

The purpose of music is to express and modulate emotion. Primarily, music is very useful in mood control.

Over years, music has served as a medium to tell stories that should be passed down through their generations. Initially, the stories were essential for the preservation of information and the best way to remember a story is to put it into song and sing it!

Just like it happened in Nigeria, October 20, 2020, can never be forgotten by the civilians especially the youth who have taken it upon themselves to bear the pain just to see the country change her staring to the best position. How can this story pass on to the next generation that the blood of innocent civilians was shed, they had to sing songs that will forever be a memory? Lately, this year when they had to go to toll gate and Lagos for the remembrance of the dead hero, they had to play and sing the song which was sung 2020 by Burna Boy. This is the power of music. It makes a story remain fresh.

There are so many purposes of music, and there is always music around us. Other purposes of music include;

1. Ceremonial purposes

2. Recreational purposes

3. Artistic expression.

Importance of Music

There are many ways of which music can be of importance right from the education of young one’s the giving of life. Let’s see some importance that I can come up with now;

Importance of Music

Academic: Have you noticed some music tapes where songs are just recorded for kids to learn? Yes, it makes it more easier for the kids to grab and know what the teacher is trying to pass across. That is the primary reason why parents provide music lessons to their children.

• Music develops coordination. It could be referred to as physical too since the practice of music sometimes look like sport. The act of practicing and singing could be so physical as well. For recreation.

• Music makes one emotional

Music is for life: A great number of people are not used to some regular activities just like some do. I personally don’t fancy going to watch football even when my colleagues rush after that. The same way many people, and they find it so easy listening to music. The inspiration it pass across is life.


We have said a lot here if you’ve taken your time to read. By now you should have and know the concepts of music. Music is Emotional, Life and Physical.

The next post we’ll be talking about music lyrics and some detailed explanation. Share to friends.


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