This is the LIVE UPDATES thread for JAMB 2021 Mock Exam. This thread will help us monitor the happenings at the various centres nationwide and serve as a means of providing updates to candidates who do not have the opportunity to write the mock. This thread will also help candidates learn a few things that may be vital on the actual exam day that starts June 19th.

We, therefore, advise candidates to check this thread every minute and view the latest comments and updates on the 2021 JAMB Mock Exam. Remember the Mock exam is designed to help JAMB test its Systems, it's also an opportunity for JAMB candidates to have first-hand knowledge of any new technology that JAMB may have put in place for the 2021 UTME.

Candidates taking the mock exam are urged to use the comment section to update us every inch of the way. Let us know when you get to your center, any delays, and problems experienced as well as any other occurrence worthy of note.

If you wish to take pictures of anything happening at the centre, you can do that and attach a copy in the comment section as evidence.

Please let us know the State and Centre you are reporting from so that any JAMB official looking at this thread can take note, and make relevant adjustment before the actual exam day.

Remember that mobile phones are not allowed into the hall, so don't use the excuse of providing updates to take your phones into the hall. You can share your experiences after the exam.

While in the hall, please take note of everything;

1. Check if there are actually CCTV Cameras

2. Check if the systems are special in any way

3. When you login to take an exam, check how the CBT environment is laid out.

4. Where is the time Located, Where are your Subject Navigation Located, Where are the Question Numbers Located, e.t.c.

5. Check if you can use both Keyboard and Mouse 

6. Check the time given for the exam

7. Check the number of questions given.

Ensure you keep your items safe! Your phones, bags, money e.t.c. Please note that not everyone, who comes to the hall came for just the exam. Some people are just natural thieves. They steal at every opportunity.

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  1. Jamb Economics Questions And Answers
    1. The residual of production which acquires to the ownership of loans after all other expenses have been met is called ___

    Answer: Rent

    2. The downturn in the price of shares on stock markets is a highlight or ___

    Answer: The regulatory nature of the market

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    3. What is the effect of decrease in supply where demand is constant?

    Answer: Increase in price, decrease in quantity.

    4. To control inflation, the monetary authority of a company can ___

    Answer: Engage in a restrictive monetary policy.

    5. Natural growth rate can be calculated by?

    Answer: Natural growth rate = Death rate + Net immigration

    6. In the analysis of utility theory, the basic of demand is ___ Answer: Diminishing utility

    7. In the money market, money can only be borrowed for ___
    Answer: Short term

    8. The consumers co-operative society is owned by

    Answer: Members of the society

    9. Find the median of the following set of score, 8,9,6,5,10

    Answer: Median is the middle number after all the numbers are arranged in ascending or descending order. Arranging, we have 5,6,8,9,10. Therefore, the media in 8

    10. In a public company, entrepreneurship functions are performed by the ___

    Answer: Board of directors

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    11. One major export crop in West Africa is ____ Answer: Cocoa

    12. …… expresses relationship between the dependent and independent variable.

    Answer: Functions

    13. Macroeconomics was made popular by

    Answer: John M. Kaynes

    14. Distribution of goods and services is hindered by ____

    Answer: Too many middlemen (and other factors).

    15. Census of population is usually conducted every ___

    Answer: 10 years

    16. Which bank is known as post office bank? Answer: Merchant Bank

    17. A firm’s main aim is to

    Answer: Maximise profits

    18. In a socialist economy, factors of production are owned and controlled by the

    Answer: Government.

    19. The market where buyer and sellers of currency meet is known as

    Answer: Foreign exchange market

    20. Taxes which are levied on a person’s expenditure are known as

    Answer: Purchase tax

    21. The additional revenue obtained by using one more unit of a factor is called ___

    Answer: Marginal Revenue product

    22. A firm’s compulsory cost is referred to as its

    Answer: Fixed Cost

    23. The assumption of economic analysis are …….. and …..

    Answer: Rationally and other things being equal

    24. A firm is at its optimum size when

    Answer: It produces the greatest output at the minimum.

    25. When a variable is associated with time period, it is?

    Answer: A flow

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    26. The full meaning of OPEC is

    Answer: Organization of Petroleum exporting countries.

    27. State-owned enterprises are more common in Centrally planned economies

    28. Commercial banks are example of joint stock banks

    29. Efficiency of labour is enhanced by Improved working condition and training

    30. The production strategy used in over populated country is Labour intensive.

    31. Internal trade has general effect on ….. of a country.

    Answer: GDP

    32. West African economies can be described as?

    Answer: Agricultural.

    33. The headquarters of the African Development Bank (ADB) was originally located in Abidjan

    34. ….. is the measurement of steepness of the line or curve that emerges on the graph.

    Answer: Slope

    35. Banks create money by…

    Answer: Lending out deposits to borrowers

    36. The situation whereby government revenue is less than government expenditure is referred to as

    Answer: Budget deficit

    37. ….. and …. of goods and factors of production brought the existence of price

    Answer: Scarcity and usefulness

    38. The most common form of business in West Africa is the

    Answer: Sole proprietorship

    39. The terms of trade simply mean the price ratio of

    1) One advantage of a flexible constitution is that it

    A) can lead to dictatorship

    B) can easily be manipulated

    C) is best suited for a federation

    D) can be amended by a simple majority

    2) A constitution that requires complicated procedure for its amendment is

    A) rigid
    B) flexible

    C) written

    D) unwritten

    3) The official who enforces discipline among members of his party in parliament is the

    A) majority leader

    B) minority leader

    C) clerk of the House

    D) chief whip

    4) When an action of the executive is declared ultra vires, it is a control exercised by the

    A) public

    B) minister

    C) judiciary
    D) parliament

    5) One of the features of an absolute monarch is that the ruler

    A) is elected by the electorate

    B) has a definite tenure of office

    C) is elected by the representatives of the people

    D) wields the supreme power in a state

    6) A notable feature of cabinet system of government is

    A) collective responsibility
    B) the separation of powers

    C) violation of human rights

    D) impeachment of the executive

    7) The privilege citizens enjoyed in a country irrespective of sex, tribe or creed is

    A) right
    B) constitution

    C) manifesto

    D) franchise

    8) The judicial order requiring a detained person to be brought before a judge is the writ of

    A) Habeas corpus
    B) Mandamus

    C) Prohibition

    D) Certiorari

    9) A political party can contest and win a widely accepted election if it has

    A) the ability to rig election

    B) intolerant attitude to oppositions

    C) a broad-based membership
    D) the support of very wealthy politicians

    10) Political parties aim at all the following except

    A) contesting elections

    B) forming a government

    C) organizing general elections
    D) educating the electorate politically


    (1) *Which of the following phyla is referred to as the pseudocoelomates?*

    A. Coelenterata
    B. Platyhelminthes
    C. Nematoda
    D. Annelida

    (2) *The epiphytic habitat can best be described as*

    A. Arboreal
    B. Esturine
    C. Aquatic
    D. Terrestrial

    (3) *The greatest influence on a stable ecosystem in nature is exerted by*

    A. Pollution
    B. Animals
    C. Rainfall
    D. Man

    (4) *Which of these is a solid air pollutant?*

    A. Carbon monoxide
    B. Carbon dioxide
    C. Smoke
    D. None of the above

    (5) *The transportation of oxygen and carbon monoxide in mammals is carried out by*

    A. Leucocytes
    B. Thrombocytes
    C. Phagocytes
    D. Erythrocytes

    (6) *An element essential for clotting of blood in the case of injury in humans is*

    A. Iron
    B. Calcium
    C. Potassium
    D. Sodium

    (7) *In a mark and recapture method of population sampling, the following figures were recorded*

    No. of rats marked on day1= 25

    No. of rats marked on day2= 10

    No. of rats caught on day2 which were already marked= 5

    With the data above, what is the total number (population) of rats in the area?

    A. 35
    B. 40
    C. 10
    D. 50

    (8) *__________ is referred to as the energy currency of the cell?*

    A. DNA
    B. RNA
    C. ATP
    D. Mitochondrion

    (9) *The factor that least affects food shortage in sub-Saharan Africa is*

    B. Pests
    C. Mixed cropping
    D. Drought

    (10) *In testing a leaf for starch, the leaf is boiled in water so as to _______*

    A. Kill the cells
    B. Soften the leaf
    C. Dehydrate the leaf
    D. Decolorize the leaf

  4. You could receive the results via various mediums; SMS, Email or through a link on the official JAMB website. We will furnish you with all these information once we get it from JAMB. Did you write the mock exam?

  5. the exam was very nice, i was able to see over 40 questions we treated in LEUKOCYTENG pro class.
    But unfortunately i was only able to answer 170 question out of 180 due to insufficient tume but apart from that, i enjoyed the exam.
    thanks leukocyteng

    My Jamb mock centre is Knowledge Partners Limited in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. I arrived at the Examination Center around 6:30 am, as the exam was supposed to start around 7 am, but we were still delayed till around 9 am. We were asked to drop or Pencil outside at the clearance gate as we were not allowed to go into the exam hall with any material, apart from the Exam printout, We were all confused as some of us writing calculation subject was asking the supervisor what we are going to use to do some rough work in the exam hall, but it all turns to a deaf ear as he was focused on his words.
    Getting into the exam hall we were been shared Jamb rough sheet to do all our rough work without any pen or pencil, this was another height of frustration as we complained but it all turned to a deaf ear.
    We had to do all our rough work in our brain, imagining calculating Physics and Mathematics in your brain, that's what we experience at our centre.
    The Center was okay, despite the harsh weather there was no Network or Power failure as the exam went on smoothly. The Cbt Platform was ok as expected and I noticed a pop-up window when I delayed for about 3 minutes without answering any question, the Pop-up windows informed me that I'm yet to answer any question and I should call an administrator if I'm experiencing any problem.
    Total questions given was 180 and the CCTV cameras were working very fine and it stationed at all nook and crooks of the exam hall.
    Lastly, one question in English caught my attention I was asked to state the course the Author of the Literature "THE LIFE CHANGER" Studied in University. Honestly, I just choose English Education as I did not bother to read about the Author biography while studying at home. In physics, there were some blank questions without only answers provide, while some questions were given but all the A, B, C, D answers were blank, Jamb should fix this error before the main exam.

  7. I wrote the mock today and below qre the questions i remembered....
    ✓refractive index is 1.5 and we are asked to calculate the angle of refraction if the angle of incidence is 30.
    ✓ calculation on specific latent heat of fusion
    ✓ linear expansivity was asked too... mainly the calculation aspect
    ✓ wave equation was asked
    ✓ the Charles law
    ✓ effective capacitance in parallel and series. calculation in each casese
    ✓simple AC circuits
    ✓which of the following electrolytes is used in Daniel cell
    ✓the outermost part of mammalian teeth is?
    ✓ the blue green algae belongs to which class
    A. thallophyta.B man-fluidatophyta c. monera d. protista
    ✓. which of the following is is the female s*x cell
    ✓ apple is categories as ?
    ✓ the definition of adaptation
    ✓ structure of animal cell was set too
    then they asked us to label endoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria
    ✓the extcretory organ of planaria
    ✓ larmack theory of use and disuse

    ✓i saw more questions on calculation basically mole concept...
    ✓calculation on solubility
    ✓naming of organic compound
    ✓ application of polymerization was asled too
    ✓ the sient differences between fat and oil
    ✓which of the following metals cannot form amalgam
    A. zinc
    B. aluminum
    C. fe
    D. cu
    ✓ the catalyst used in contact process
    ✓ the catalyst used in hydrogenation
    ✓ le chatelier principle was asked too... though mainly the application
    ✓ writing of equilibrium constant
    ✓ effect of change in temperature on equilibrium
    ✓ separation techniques
    ✓ calculation on the mass of substance deposited during electrolysis
    ✓The equation at the anode during the electrolysis of cupper sulphate
    ✓ identification of oxidizing and reducing agents
    ✓ balancing of redox reaction
    ✓ calculation of oxidation number of an element in a compound.
    English language
    it's all the usual lexis and structure, sounds and those grammer.... just one passage amd one register. the English was quite simple....

    1. Which of the following is known as the emergency hormone
    2. Which of the following reduces competition among members of a specie?
    3. What develops into the seed of a flowering plant?
    4. Which of these is an evidence of modern theory of evolution?
    5. The theory that girraffes will develop long neck was postulated by ?
    6. Which of the following is an example of Morphological variation
    7. Which of these Insects have boring mouth part?
    8. Desert can be found in which of these Nigerian states?
    9. Which of these animals use stinging as defense?
    10. Which blood group is known as the universal recipient?
    11. The spinal cord is protected by…………………?
    12. ……………. converts nitrites to nitrates
    13. Animals found on the tree top are called?
    14. …………… is when a harmless organism appears to be a harmful organism?
    15. The outermost part of the tooth is?
    16. Plants possessing pneumatophores grown in…………..?
    17. An apple is a …………. type of fruit?
    18. At what stage of mitotic division does the chromosome lie along the equator?
    19. Poor growth, reddish colouration, are visible in plants lacking?
    20. In the stem of plants, what is responsible for gaseous exchange?
    21. Which of the following carry deoxygenated blood?.
    Ans: Pulmonary artey
    22. Diagram of the Flame Cell in the Planaria.
    23. Diagram of animal cell. – Identify Mitochondria and Rough Endoplasmic Recticulum
    24. If a man with blood group O marries a woman with blood group AB, what are the possible blood groups of their children?

    1. The vigorous oxidation of primary alkanol yields?
    2. The metallic part of clay is?
    3. Which of the following metals would not form amalgam?
    4. The restructuring of organic compounds to convert it from straight to branched chain is called?
    5. Which indicator would be used for the following reaction and what colour would it give?
    6. Identify Reducing/ Oxidizing agents in equations
    7. Calculations involving volume/mole/molar concentration
    8. Which of the will exhibit the most electronegative character?
    a ) Al b) Si c) P d) S
    9. Hydrolysis of organic nitriles will yield?
    10. The bomb calorimeter makes use of which of the following?
    ans: Combustion
    11. How many isomers of C4H9OH will be a tertiary alkanol?
    12. Oxides of non-metals give?
    ans: Acidic oxides
    13. Name the compound CH3CH2COOCH3
    14. In the reaction 2SO2 + O2 -X-- 2SO3 , X is?
    15. Which of these make oils distinguished from fats?
    ans: Oils contain a higher proportion of unsaturation
    16. If at a temperature of 120oC, the rate of formation of a product is 40cm3sec-1, what will be the new rate of formation of the product at 130oC
    17. Calculations for solubility in mol/dm-3
    18. The characteristic crystalline shape of solid water is due to?
    a )Ionic bond b) dative bond c) hydrogen bond d) vander waals bond
    19. N , H2S , CO2 , Cl Which is soluble at room temperature?
    20. Which of the following is not easily hydrolysed by dilute acids
    ans: Cellulose
    21. Calculations involving Keq (Equilibrum constant)
    22. The purest form of natural water is?
    23. The most polluted form of water is?
    24. The purest form of amorphous carbon is?
    25. The compound of copper used for electroplating is ?
    26. The most abundant rare gas is?
    27. The ability of an organic compound to form multiple bonds with itself is?
    ans: Catenation

  10. Chemistry: Continuation

    28. Hydration energy does …………….?
    a ) Liberates heat b) Absorbs heat
    29. PxVyTz=K , If K is the constant for Charles law, what will be the values of x,y, and z
    30. 3C2H2--x- C6H6 The catalyst x is …………?
    Ans: Organo Nickel

    1. Which of the following is not a mechanical wave?
    a ) Water wave b) radio wave c) sound wave d) waves on a string
    2. The unit of the moment of couple is?
    3. Which of these is an advantage of the alcohol thermometer to the mercury thermometer?
    ans: Low freezing point
    4. Find the velocity ratio of a screw jack with pitch 0.3cm and arm length of 6cm
    5. Which of the following properly describes photoelectric effect?
    6. In a Capacitor, the current leads the voltage by?
    7. Calculations involving mass, volume, and density
    8. Calculate the Total capacitance connected in series, 4uF, 4uF, 4uF (Diagram)
    9. Calculation involving force constant, and energy stored in a spring
    10. If two plane mirrors are positioned side by side, the number of images formed is 8. At what angle are they positioned ?
    11. Calculations involving linear expansivity
    12. A uniform metre rule AB has a knife edge balanced at 60m away from B, when a load of 22g is kept 10m away from A, what is the weight of the metre rule?
    13. A pin floats on water due to which phenomenon?
    14. Which of the following describes photoelectric effect?
    15. A DC and an AC have basically the same components, except that in the DC, there is the …..?
    16. Which of these is the function of the p-n junction diode?
    17. Calculation involving heat loss, heat gain, and latent heat
    18. Calculation involving power, volt, and resistance
    19. A boy 2m west, and then 2m south. What is his displacement?
    1. At the end of the novel, who was it decided that would break the news to the Dad?
    2. When did the dad arrive in the novel?
    3. Which of the following decribes Mohammed Kabir?
    4. What did the author of the life changer study?
    5. What is the full meaning of EMAL?
    6. From the novel, Habib can be said to be a……….?


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