JAMB: How to Maintain your Admission Space

 Regretfully for many candidates that would not take the right step at the right time, they might loose this year admission.

When I say "Secure Admission for yourself", I mean help yourself to get admission at the right time, I didn't mean that JAMB will help you specially. It's a dream that would never come through. You don't need to be old before you realize the best thing to do.

By now, you should know that admission processes occurs just once every year. Which implies that if you miss it once, you're older by an additional one year. If this should should repeat itself twice to trice, then you're getting closer to a father/mother stage. And this is really not encouraging at all.

What should I do to help myself?

No question at this time is as helpful as this in this article. After disclaiming that no one can help you achieve your dream unless you, then you need to know that very step that would help you.

- Marry your Book: I added this first, to show the importance of reading. Working with my instinct, I guess you've not read for a while now, and it's bad. Reading is the very best and number one thing to secure yourself an admission at the right time.

- Be Prayerful: Pray is what you should not do without. It helps alot, irrespective of your religion. After reading, you need a backup, and that is prayer; the key to success.

- Study past Questions: At this stage, it is assumed that you have read. But you still won't be good and conversant with some questions unless you study them from time to time. This will increase your efficiency academically.

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